Today’s marketplace demands agile leaders who can skillfully negotiate change, challenge and crisis. The Powell Group’s leadership and communications advisors help leading companies and executives successfully navigate the high-stakes events and decisions that can make or break success.

The Powell Group serves as a thought partner by providing strategic communications consulting and training, crisis and change management, and executive coaching.


Our strategic communications consulting and training centers on proactive engagement. We help executives evaluate their current and future needs and develop the messaging and strategies that captivate their audiences, whether they are customers, stakeholders, media or employees. Our services include:

  • Crisis assessment and planning
  • Change communications programs
  • Message strategy development
  • Training – spokesperson training and effective communication for executives and CEOs

We help our clients focus on brand protection — anticipating, preparing for and responding to opportunities and challenges that can shape and strengthen corporate identity, and, ultimately, the bottom line. Many crises that arise can be anticipated by seriously examining the “what ifs” and red flags that often go overlooked.  We help clients identify and take proactive steps to avoid potential crises and high-stakes events.  Our diverse expertise includes:

  • Employee issues – lawsuits, threats, labor strikes, embezzlement
  • Operational issues – service interruptions, technology malfunctions, product recalls, store closings, regulatory challenges
  • Social network issues – attacks, bullying, rumors, customer complaints
  • Disasters – power outages, natural disasters, gas leaks, hazardous waste and chemical spills
  • Management issues – leadership changes, pricing changes

Becky Powell-Schwartz provides one-on-one coaching sessions to help CEOs hone their leadership skills, implement new ideas, capitalize on opportunities, solve tough challenges, and outperform competitors and past results. As a CEO Chair through Vistage International, Powell leads a high-performing group of CEOs, presidents and owners. Vistage International is a private peer advisory group that enhances the potential of leaders by bringing together diverse groups of CEOs, led by expert executive coaches. Her CEO clients run successful mid-cap companies from diverse backgrounds and industries.  Becky’s Vistage CEO clients are not clients of The Powell Group.